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      Urban Dayor is a London based we store established in 2018 by a British entrepreneur. Urban Dayor essentially provides an infusion of Eastern and Western streetwear, focusing heavily upon i Innovation, creativity, & uniqueness. The name 'Urban Dayor' was coined from the sole founders forename 'Dayo' & 'Urban' representing the boutique or style of clothing the brand represents.



      Inspired by today's streetwear giants; Supreme, Stussy, Bathing Ape and Off-white to name a few. Focused on innovation, Urban Dayor brings a creative twist to skateboarding and streetwear culture at a much more affordable price; hence our main motto 'For the culture'   Urban streetwear is getting increasingly more expensive, and many well known brands are getting per say 'lost in the money'. Though we are a premium streetwear clothing brand we try to offer individuals premium quality streetwear at the most affordable prices. We understand streetwear consumers are relatively young individuals.  

      OUR MISSION                                    
      We are continuously striving to bring outstanding quality, regarding all our designs to each and every customer. Each handcrafted piece is meticulously sewn by our design specialists who pay close attention to detail. The item is then passed through multiple quality control inspections before being sent. All of our workers embody our motto and place 100% emphasis on providing our customers with premium quality streetwear. 
      10% of earnings regarding every product will be donated to the Church of God. At UrbanDayor we understand that giving towards a cause is important. Please refer back to this page as our giving causes are constantly changing. Upcoming causes are, sickle cell, cancer research & impoverished children in Africa. Please e-mail us if you have a cause worth supporting and we will be sure to give it some consideration.